Dr. Dan Wool


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“I highly recommend…”

I love Dr. Wool’s approach to health. He explains that gut health is a big part of overall health, which I totally believe in. Our first appointment he spent around an hour with me and went over all my labs results. I was impressed at how detailed he was and his recommendations. I highly recommend Dr. Wool to all my friends and family.

Kevin M.

“An amazing Dr…”

All I can say is that he is an amazing Dr. In all my life I have not had a doctor who will sit with you the entire hour and listen to your issues. On top of that his vast knowledge of nutrition and naturopathic medicine has helped me reach my goals. I recommend him to all my friends!

Lorenzo G.

“I felt totally taken care of…”

Called the office, and got an appointment with Dr. Wool for later that morning. Dr. Wool was right on time, very personal, and asked many questions along with listening to my breathing. I had a cough for an extending period of time. He offered medicine, vitamin drip, and breathing treatment that day; then sent me for a chest X-ray . I felt totally taken care of, and would recommend him highly.

Shirley B.

“I didn’t realize I could feel this good at 56…”

Dr. Wool has been great for my overall health and wellness plan. I didn’t realize I could feel this good at 56, I feel better than I did when I was 35! Thank you Dr. Wool.

Greg H.

“My health has been restored…”

Dr. Wool and Dr. Chambers are knowledgeable, attentive and take a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare. I would never consider going back to “conventional medicine” or the “healthcare industry” that treats patients like a number rather than like a unique human being–masking symptoms by prescribing a “pill for every ill.” I’m so done with that! I credit Chambers Clinic with finally finding the remedy that saved my life–something 3 visits to the ER could not achieve. Thanks to Dr. Chambers & Dr. Wool my health has been restored.

Kyle D.

“Dr. Wool listened to me…”

It’s a beautiful thing when a health provider spends an hour and a half with you to review your lab work and chart out a treatment plan. My main reason for switching to a naturopath was to validate my decision to change to a vegan diet, losing weight, removing 99% of medications I’d been prescribed by another doctor and take total responsibility for my health. Dr. Wool listened to me, understood my goals. After 56 years of standardized sick care, I wanted confirmation that I am in fact on the best avenue for me. I feel great and should I ever need a change, I would not hesitate to have Dr. Wool facilitate those modifications. I appreciate the fact that he is able to prescribe (drugs) should my health dictate that. I appreciate even more that we will exhaust the natural resources first. While the consult is somewhat expensive, I felt like it was justified by the overall feeling of a health partnership with Dr. Wool. Thank you Dr. Wool, I look forward to staying dedicated to my health and rarely seeing you(laugh)🤣.

Alli R.

Naturopathic & Gastrointestinal Specialist

Meet Dr. Dan Wool

I wasn’t always a doctor. For years, I was a stressed-out corporate manager. I felt like I had it under control. I thought that I ate healthy. I exercised regularly. Yet somehow I was 30lbs underweight and had belly fat. I only slept 4 hours a night. I was pale with dark circles under my eyes. My allergies would put me on the couch all day. My sex drive was in the tank. And looking back, I was constantly irritable and moody. I was managing as best as I could, but I wasn’t really living.

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Steve B I Age 51

“Dr. Wool Was a delight to work with! He spent plenty of time discussing my concerns and went into great detail explaining how they were going to treat them.”