Dr. Dan Wool

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our lives are filled with a series of hormonal changes that can have an enormous impact on our personal health. Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormones can help balance out your hormones by using all-naturally derived chemicals to correct unbalanced hormones.

Why Choose Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Our hormones are directly related to our metabolism, an essential system for maintaining homeostasis within the body. When our bodies produce too much or too little of our necessary hormones, it can cause hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance can create problems for the body, disturbing the signals the body needs to address changes to the body’s internal organs and structure. Irregular menstruation, hormonal acne, Type 2 Diabetes, and even thyroid disease are just some of the problems with a hormonal imbalance.

Most people are aware of hormone replacement therapy, which uses synthetic hormones to treat symptoms of hormonal imbalances. But these treatments often don’t provide the balance our bodies need most, lack personalization, and can hijack the person’s normal bodily processes. Without better control over the dosage of your hormone intake, it can cause unwanted changes in the body that leave people uninformed about how their bodies work. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can safely restore normal hormone levels without synthetic medications. This treatment offers better customization for dosage and delivery and can meet people’s needs for better flexibility, giving them a more natural hormone balance. 

Dr. Wool’s Hormone Balancing Plan with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Dan Wool, NMD, achieves optimal results using Biote® bioidentical hormones, which utilize chemical structures matching your body’s natural hormones. He specializes in naturopathic medicine to treat the cause of your symptoms and help you regain hormonal balance with the help of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. He can perform the treatment under the following steps:

  • Meet and Assessment: When meeting with Dr. Wool, he will perform a thorough 90-minute intake and exam to assess your current symptoms, medical history, and other factors that play into your hormonal health.
  • Testing for Hormone Imbalance: Dr. Wool will order and perform a complete hormone and wellness blood panel to determine the precise type and amount you need for your hormone replacement therapy. 
  • Initial Body Cleanse: After your initial appointment, Dr. Wool may recommend a clean, effective detox and herbal compounds to improve your hormone efficiency. The cleanse will help prepare your body for medications and help restore natural hormone levels. 
  • Test Result Review: After receiving the test results, Dr. Wool will provide a comprehensive review of his findings and help you understand your hormonal imbalances, and other factors that play into your treatment. 
  • Initial Bioidentical Treatment: Once approved for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Wool will provide a customized hormone prescriptions or Biote pellet procedure that contains your unique dose. With the BioTe procedure, he will implant the pellet under your skin, allowing it to continuously releases hormones into your bloodstream for 3-6 months duration. 
  • Follow-Up and Review: Once treated, Dr. Wool will schedule follow-up appointments to reconnect with his patients and track their progress with their hormonal health.

Dr. Dan Wool can prescribe safe and effective bioidentical hormones to restore balance and give you back your optimal wellness. To schedule a free in-person or telehealth consultation, call his office in Scottsdale, Arizona, or book an appointment online today.