Dr. Dan Wool


Digestion problems can be bothersome and irritating, especially if you face indigestion regularly. If not appropriately addressed, indigestion can lead to other problems, such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and other downstream problems that can increase in severity without proper treatment.

Healing your Indigestion Naturally: How Stomach Acid Impacts your Gut Health

Common problems such as nausea, acid reflux, bloating, gas, and excessive burping can be painful and uncomfortable.

Our stomach acid is our first line of defense against microbes and pathogens that cause illness, and the enzymes and mucus are responsible for adequately digesting food without impacting our gut health. However, having too high or low stomach acid can affect how we digest and absorb nutrients. When this happens, indigestion can be caused by several underlying complications, including gastric ulcers, acid reflux, hypochlorhydria, and an increased risk of infections and chronic gastrointestinal issues.

Through an in-depth discussion of your concerns, Dr. Dan Wool can help you identify the root causes of your digestive problems and help reduce inflammation and regain balance to help prevent the onset of chronic gastrointestinal conditions.

Dr. Wool’s Plan for Digestive Relief

Dr. Wool uses naturopathic medicine to address underlying issues responsible for indigestion. As a natural gut and hormone health doctor, Dr. Wool will work to optimize your digestion with the following:

  • Meet and Assess: Dr. Wool will perform a thorough 90-minute intake and exam to assess your current symptoms, medical history, and other factors that affect your indigestion.
  • Testing: Dr. Wool may order wellness blood panels, hormone panels, food intolerance testing, and other tests to diagnose appropriately. If needed, imaging referrals may be recommended.
  • Review: Once the test results are received, Dr. Wool will provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand review of his findings at your next appointment.
  • Treatment: Dr. Wool will recommend a treatment plan customized to your indigestion symptoms and underlying conditions, providing a prescription for methods such as nutritional and herbal supplements, stress management, and nutritional guidance to improve your indigestion. 
  • Connect and Follow-Up: When following your treatment plan, he will schedule regular follow-up appointments to reconnect with his patients and track your progress.

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Wool is uniquely qualified to treat your digestive complaints by looking deeply at your entire system to identify the root causes. Your gut problems are correctable, and we start at the source to help you feel better. Receive exceptional naturopathic care from Dan Wool, NMD, in Scottsdale, Arizona, by calling to schedule an appointment today.