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Low Testosterone

Testosterone works to build tissues such as bones and muscles. Low Testosterone levels can contribute to lower energy and dopamine levels, causing a range of health concerns. Testosterone levels tend to decline in men after the age of 40. In addition, chronic diseases can develop years in advance without notice, and it’s often around age 40 or over that most people start to experience a subtle decline in their health. When you consult with Dan Wool, NMD, for a men’s health assessment, he spends time and truly cares about helping you lead and maintain an active, healthy life with natural, holistic care.

Why Choose Naturopathy for Men’s Health?

Men’s health comprises a range of health issues, including problems with libido, energy, and overall wellness. However, one of the biggest problems present in men’s health is the lack of emphasis on health problems, as only 40% of men see their doctor regularly. This increases the risk of chronic diseases in men, including prostate diseases, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and thyroid problems. These issues can often stem from ignored problems such as hormonal imbalances, which include low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Dan Wool can help you stay healthy by addressing both your symptoms and underlying conditions, taking a whole-body approach that includes all factors related to your health. By using naturopathic treatments, Dr. Wool can tackle many common health problems faced by men, including:

Low Testosterone

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, meaning it works to build tissues such as bones and muscles. Decreasing testosterone levels can contribute to low energy and lower dopamine levels and cause brain fog or difficulties performing tasks. It can also lead to the build-up of sugars in the bloodstream and cause the body to store belly fat, increasing the risks of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes. Slower metabolism also can cause muscle mass and bone density to decrease.

By age 40, men experience precipitous drops in testosterone levels. What may have been around 1,000 ng/dL in one’s early 20s can decrease to around 300-400ng/dL by age 40 and decline about 1-2% annually after that. Layer in poor lifestyle habits and stress, and these numbers can be even lower and affect a man’s day-to-day health, which sets him up for more serious and chronic disease downstream..

As a major hormone for men’s health, it’s often left untreated by doctors when presenting in the “normal” range. Common conditions such as anxiety, depression and hypercholesterolemia are often simply medicated before ever examining a man’s testosterone levels. Conventional methods for treating low testosterone can often result in undiagnosed conditions such as hypogonadism, metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea.

Many traditional forms of medicine fail to address the factors involved in the causes of low testosterone, such as the building block of DHEA,  progesterone, cortisol, and adrenal and thyroid function. 

Naturopathic treatment methods, including bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy and herbal medications, can help your body make more testosterone. As holistic solutions, these treatments can help you maintain healthy hormone production while also dramatically improving your body’s health, including weight loss, improved energy, and better sleep. Some treatments Dr. Wool can provide:

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: When you have symptoms of low testosterone, Dr. Wool can prescribe customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This treatment is effective and safe because the plant-derived components have a similar chemical structure as your body’s hormones and can customize to the dosage needed to restore hormone levels. Dr. Wool is trained in the BioTe Method of bioidentical hormone replacement pellet implantation, a quick procedure that enables testosterone to slowly release over 6 months vs. daily or weekly administration from creams or injections, respectively. 

Herbal (botanical) medicine: Herbal supplements can support the glands throughout the endocrine system, promoting better hormone balance and helping to increase testosterone levels. By supplementing the body’s needs with all-natural ingredients, chronic health risks can be decreased and be better prevented. 

Dr. Wool’s Hormone Balancing Plan for Men’s Health

Through his hormone balancing plan, Dr. Dan Wool, NMD, can provide naturopathic therapies to tackle all areas of men’s health, including low testosterone. His treatment plan goes through the following steps:

  • Meet and Assessment: When meeting with Dr. Wool, he will perform a thorough 90-minute intake and exam to assess your current symptoms, medical history, and other factors that play into your hormonal health.
  • Testing for Men’s Health: Dr. Wool will order and perform a complete male hormone panel wellness and blood panel to determine what’s causing your hormone imbalance and determine your best treatment options. 
  • Test Result Review: Dr. Wool will provide a comprehensive review of his findings after receiving the test results.
  • Treatment for Men’s Health: Dr. Wool can prescribe a personalized combination of treatments to control hormonal imbalances and reestablish the body’s natural function. Some treatment options that can be provided include herbal and nutritional supplements, bioidentical hormone therapy, IV nutrition, and dietary changes.
  • Follow-Up and Review: Once the treatment plan is in place, Dr. Wool will schedule regular follow-up appointments to assess and optimize hormone levels, reconnect with his patients and track their progress with their hormonal health.

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