Dr. Dan Wool


Adding nutritious, fibrous foods may not be enough to combat your constipation. For many people, their constipation can come and go for years without reason and leave them struggling for answers. At Dr. Dan Wool’s office, he can help you get to the root cause and treat your symptoms of constipation holistically through naturopathic treatments.

Why Choose Naturopathy for your Constipation?

At least 24% of adults have chronic constipation, where bowel movements occur less than once daily and cause difficulty passing stool. Constipation is often attributed to a lack of dietary fiber, and over-consuming processed, fast and fatty foods, including dairy products. Still, even with dietary changes, some people face constipation daily, struggling for months without knowing the underlying cause.

Constipation can also be caused by underlying illnesses or complexities in the digestive system that makes it difficult to absorb nutrients. Utilizing natural therapies to tackle the effects of constipation can help resolve the problem by identifying its cause. Many bowel disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, SIBO, and other conditions, can easily contribute to constipation symptoms without one realizing it. In these cases, diet changes and medication can only address part of the problem.

In cases where the cause of your constipation is unknown or where conventional treatments have failed, Dr. Dan Wool can offer personalized care using natural therapies that effectively relieve constipation and address prolonged cases through holistic solutions. 

Dr. Wool’s Gut Repair Plan for Your Constipation

Dr. Wool uses naturopathic medicine to uncover any underlying conditions responsible for constipation and get things moving again. As a natural gut health doctor, Dr. Wool’s gut repair plan addresses constipation through the following steps:

  • Meeting and Assessment: When meeting with Dr. Wool, he will perform a thorough 90-minute intake and exam to assess your current constipation and other accompanying symptoms, your medical history,  and other essential factors that affect your health. 
  • Testing for Constipation Causes: Dr. Wool may order various gastrointestinal specialty tests to uncover underlying issues, including food sensitivity, stool, and SIBO tests. Dr. Wool also will check your blood for a range of biomarkers that indicate signs of hormonal dysfunction. He may recommend imagaing referrals if necessary.
  • Review Test Results: After receiving the test results, Dr. Wool will provide a comprehensive review of his findings, made easy for you to understand and proactively participate in.
  • Treatment for Constipation: Throughout your recommended treatment plan, Dr. Wool can prescribe a personalized combination of treatments to relieve your constipation symptoms and any underlying conditions. Depending on the cause of your constipation, he can recommend specialized diets, nutritional supplements, dietary fiber supplements, probiotic and pre-biotic recommendations, colon hydrotherapy, IV nutrition, and other treatment methods.

No one should have to deal with frequent constipation when they can receive exceptional naturopathic care from Dan Wool, NMD, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Call Dr. Dan Wool or schedule an appointment online today if you need help with constipation or other gut problems.