Dr. Dan Wool

Sex Drive

Having a waning libido does not discriminate, except by age. Both men and women can experience a decreased libido and lower sex drive than they’d like, having impacts beyond the bedroom. Talking about your sex life is essential to understand better what’s happening to your body. Dr. Wool can provide confidential advice, testing, and treatments to improve your sex drive through naturopathic and bioidentical hormone therapies.

Losing Your Driving Force: The Impacts of Low Libido in Later Life 

Low libido refers to a decreased interest in sexual activity, and long periods of disinterest often indicate a problem. Physical, mental, and emotional concerns are paramount to understanding your sexual health. While it’s known that testosterone and estrogen levels decrease by age 40, these changes in your interest can be remedied with naturopathic treatments. 

Addressing sexual drive and libido is a multi-faceted process. When the problems stem from physical causes, such as hormone imbalance, menopause, and erectile dysfunction, naturopathy can provide alternative methods for improving hormone and adrenal health. For mental and emotional causes, naturopathy can work closely with additional practitioners for support, especially when it comes to relationships, depression, and trauma.

By addressing these concerns head-on, moments of intimacy can be attained. Through Dr. Dan Wool’s naturopathic treatments, other associated problems such as fatigue, body pain, menopause symptoms, and erectile dysfunction can be further treated. That’s because naturopathy takes a whole-body approach, looking at the changes in your body to treat and prevent problems.

Dr. Wool’s Libido-Enhancing Plan for Better Sex Drive

Through his libido-enhancing treatment plan, Dr. Dan Wool, NMD, can provide naturopathic therapies to tackle all areas of sexual health, including hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction, menopause, and more. His treatment plan goes through the following steps:

  • Meet and Assessment: When meeting with Dr. Wool, he will perform a thorough 90-minute intake and exam to assess your symptoms of low sex drive, your medical history, mental health issues, and other factors that play into your sexual health.
  • Testing for Sexual Health: If the potential cause of your low libido is potentially physical, Dr. Wool will order and perform a complete hormone panel wellness and blood panel to determine if hormone imbalances are potential causes. In all other areas, additional support and referrals will be used. 
  • Initial Body Cleanse: Afteryour initial appointment, Dr. Wool recommends a clean, effective detox to improve your sexual drive and help restore your natural hormone levels.
  • Test Results Review: Dr. Wool will review his findings comprehensively after receiving your test results.
  • Treatment for Sexual Health: Dr. Wool can prescribe a personalized combination of treatments to control hormonal imbalances and reestablish the body’s sex drive. Some treatment options that can be provided include herbal supplements, bioidentical hormone therapy, IV nutrition, and dietary changes.
  • Follow-Up and Review: Once the treatment plan is in place, Dr. Wool will schedule follow-up appointments to reconnect with his patients and track their progress with their sexual health.

Make sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wool today to see how he can help you feel energized, focused, and reconnected to yourself and your loved ones.